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How Did I Halve My Screen Time?

How did I halve my screen time in three easy steps? I’ve been doing it for the past two weeks and haven’t regretted it for a second.

2. All notifications are switched off from eight in the evening. They only come back the next morning at half-past six. Not that there are many notifications in life without social media on the phone. There are still notifications on the screen regularly. Think of a bank transfer or a new podcast.

3. The telephone stays out of the bedroom and bathroom. Storing your phone outside of those two rooms not only helps with cutting down on the screen time, but an additional effect is that the quality of your sleep also improves.

I hope you manage to implement these three tips in the coming weeks. Now that I was working on removing apps from the phone, I have permanently deleted all Facebook accounts. Yes, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp will never see me again. Not only has weight been lifted off my shoulders. Because as an author and DJ, I had a hectic schedule to generate content daily. I also have more quality time with people calling and meeting.

If you have any questions about redesigning your life, please send me a personal message. Incidentally, I am still on Twitter and LinkedIn, so I have not become unavailable online.



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